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 - Light Welterweight Men

Heat: Final
Darren Tetley 24  V  27 Daniel Lewis
England   Australia
Silver Silver Gold Gold
11/09/2011 18:47:20 Confirmed 11/09/2011 20:03:49
Heat: Semi-Finals
Darren Tetley 19  V  12 Rhys Pagan
England   Scotland
Bronze Bronze
Mitch Buckland 14  V  18 Daniel Lewis
Wales   Australia
Bronze Bronze
10/09/2011 19:14:50 Confirmed 10/09/2011 19:15:14
Heat: Quarter-Finals
Darren Tetley 24  V  7 Aryk Whalley
England   New Zealand
Rhys Pagan 20  V  16 Ofentse Kompone
Scotland   Botswana
Mitch Buckland  V  Edward Robert
Wales   Seychelles
Edward Robert retired injured
Eddie Rennie  V  Daniel Lewis
Isle of Man   Australia
Eddie Rennie retired injured
09/09/2011 17:45:16 Confirmed 11/09/2011 19:39:57
Heat: Round of 16
Darren Tetley  V  Bye
Aryk Whalley  V  Jamesy Greenaway
New Zealand   Dominica
Jamesy Greenaway retired injured
Rhys Pagan  V  Bye
Bye  V  Ofentse Kompone
Mitch Buckland  V  Bye
Bye  V  Edward Robert
Eddie Rennie  V  Bye
Isle of Man  
Bye  V  Daniel Lewis
08/09/2011 15:47:14 Confirmed 08/09/2011 19:36:23
Schedule for Light Welterweight Men:
Thu 08 Sep 12:00 - 20:00 Villa Marina Prelims
Fri 09 Sep 12:00 - 16:00 Villa Marina Quarter Finals
Fri 09 Sep 17:00 - 21:00 Villa Marina Quarter Finals
Sat 10 Sep 17:00 - 21:00 Villa Marina Semi Finals
Sun 11 Sep 17:00 - 21:00 Villa Marina Final