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The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


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 - Criterium Men

Heat: Final
1st Robert McCarthy Australia 57.12 Gold Gold
2nd Jon Dibben England 57.45 Silver Silver
3rd Jack Beckinsale Australia 57.45 Bronze Bronze
4th Owain Doull Wales 57.46
5th Grant Ferguson Scotland 57.46
6th Jayde Julius South Africa 57.48
7th Thomas Mazzone Isle of Man 57.48
8th Simon-Pierre Gauthier Canada 57.48
9th Alex Morgan Australia 57.59
10th Sam Lowe England @10Laps
11th Matthew Adair Northern Ireland @15Laps
12th Dan Pearson Wales @18Laps
13th Daniel Stewart Northern Ireland @18Laps
14th Taylor Johnstone Scotland @18Laps
15th Warwick Sanderson Isle of Man @18Laps
16th Jonathan Cregeen Isle of Man @18Laps
17th Matthew Holmes England @21Laps
18th Till Drobisch Namibia @27Laps
19th James Fourie South Africa @27Laps
20th Stuart McCluskey Scotland @28Laps
21st Joel Borland Belize @31Laps
22nd Alexander Haddock Isle of Man @31Laps
23rd Tre'Shun Correia Bermuda @31Laps
24th Hamdan Hamidun Malaysia @31Laps
25th Elroy Laud Anguilla @33Laps
26th Charles Matte Canada @34Laps
27th Elliott Doyle Canada @34Laps
28th David Onsow Canada @35Laps
29th Alex Wilson Guernsey @35Laps
30th Russell Elcock Barbados @36Laps
31st Christos Loizou Cyprus @36Laps
32th Jack Barrett Scotland @36Laps
33rd Deion Richardson Anguilla @37Laps
34th Muhd arfy qhairant Amran Malaysia @38Laps
35th Emile Jacobs South Africa @39Laps
36th Brandon Wilkie Barbados @39Laps
37th Juan Mauricio Umana Belize @39Laps
38th Dominique Mayho Bermuda @39Laps
39th Shaquil Samuel British Virgin Islands @40Laps
DQ Caleb Ewan Australia  
11/09/2011 17:07:36 Confirmed 11/09/2011 17:11:42
Schedule for Criterium Men:
Sun 11 Sep 15:15 - 16:15 Final Villa Marina