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The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


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 - Men's 200m Backstroke

Live Results

Heat: Prelims
1st Corey Main New Zealand 1:57.11
2nd Christopher Van de Sande South Africa 1:58.99
3rd Grant Halsall Isle of Man 1:59.35
4th Eugene Tee Australia 2:02.26
5th Robert Gerlach Australia 2:02.69
6th Lewis Smith Wales 2:02.89
7th Dylan Carter Trinidad & Tobago 2:02.90
8th Jian han Tern Malaysia 2:03.17
9th Joshua Booth Scotland 2:04.25
10th Zahir Gamiet South Africa 2:05.09
11th Matthew Courtis Barbados 2:13.78
09/09/2011 09:31:16 Confirmed 10/09/2011 10:56:28
Event Photos:
Men's Swimming
Men's Final
Mens Final


Schedule for Men's 200m Backstroke:
Fri 09 Sep 09:00 - 10:30 Prelims National Sports Centre (NSC)  
Fri 09 Sep 18:00 - 20:40 Final National Sports Centre (NSC)