Isle of Man 2011 - Commonwealth Youth Games

Medal Table

England 372416
Australia 292817
South Africa 8715
New Zealand 668
Wales 51110
Scotland 5611
Kenya 442
Malaysia 421
India 333
Northern Ireland 323

The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

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Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Gold & Silver

Sun 11 Sep - 20:51.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Bronze Medal Match

Sun 11 Sep - 20:18.25

Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 20:05.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Plate

Sun 11 Sep - 19:56.31

Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 19:46.26

Light Heavyweight Men

Sun 11 Sep - 19:44.25

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Bowl

Sun 11 Sep - 19:35.58

Men's 50m Freestyle

Sun 11 Sep - 19:27.59

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CompetitorNumberCountryCompeting In
Durgesh Kumar - 75 India Athletics
Navjetdeep Singh - 76 India Athletics
Sachin - 77 India Athletics
Nerena Aberdeen 312 Grenada Athletics
Matthew Abeysinghe Sri Lanka Swimming
Matthew Adair 34 Northern Ireland Cycling
Anthony Adderley 24 Bahamas Athletics
Vera Adrian 1 Namibia Cycling
Mervin Ageda Guyana Boxing
Andrea Agius Malta Swimming
Wayne Aimaasu Aimaasu 113 Samoa Athletics
Steven Ajayi 37 Canada Athletics
Sonia Akter Bangladesh Swimming
Thrixeena Akua 336 Nauru Athletics
Hendrick Alberts South Africa Swimming
Brandon Allan Australia Boxing
Jess Allen 15 Australia Cycling
Sabrina Allen 322 Jamaica Athletics
Greer Alsop 338 New Zealand Athletics
Watuthanthirige Randika Nadeeshan Alwis Sri Lanka Rugby 7's
Nigel Amos 33 Botswana Athletics
Muhd arfy qhairant Amran 38 Malaysia Cycling
Naa Anang 254 Australia Athletics
Morihei Anderson 115 Namibia Gymnastics
Nat Apikotoa 255 Australia Athletics
Shannon Archer 223 Scotland Gymnastics
Sofia Arkhipkina Falkland Islands Badminton
Jack Arnott England Rugby 7's
Keron Arthur 149 St Vincent & The Grenadines Athletics
Adam Ashe Scotland Rugby 7's
Dina Asher-Smith 300 England Athletics
Qais Ashfaq England Boxing
Clovis Asong 49 England Athletics
Charlotte Atkinson Isle of Man Swimming
Chris Auld Scotland Rugby 7's
Cameron Avery Isle of Man Badminton
Mireille Aylwin-DescĂ´teaux 283 Canada Athletics
Shaffi Bakari Kenya Boxing
Karl Baldachino 69 Gibraltar Athletics
Lukas Balkovec Canada Rugby 7's
Jack Bangel 6 Australia Athletics
Elinor Barker 6 Wales Cycling
Hannah Barnes 12 England Cycling
Jack Barrett 30 Scotland Cycling
Emily Bashforth Jersey Swimming
Gena Bass 310 Gambia Athletics
Sophia Batchelor New Zealand Swimming
Jack Bateson England Boxing
Andrew Battaglia Canada Rugby 7's
Matthew Baxter 95 New Zealand Athletics
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