Isle of Man 2011 - Commonwealth Youth Games

Medal Table

England 372416
Australia 292817
South Africa 8715
New Zealand 668
Wales 51110
Scotland 5611
Kenya 442
Malaysia 421
India 333
Northern Ireland 323

The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

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Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Gold & Silver

Sun 11 Sep - 20:51.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Bronze Medal Match

Sun 11 Sep - 20:18.25

Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 20:05.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Plate

Sun 11 Sep - 19:56.31

Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 19:46.26

Light Heavyweight Men

Sun 11 Sep - 19:44.25

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Bowl

Sun 11 Sep - 19:35.58

Men's 50m Freestyle

Sun 11 Sep - 19:27.59

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All Countries Gymnastics
CompetitorNumberCountryCompeting In
Morihei Anderson 115 Namibia Gymnastics
Shannon Archer 223 Scotland Gymnastics
Kirsten Beckett 226 South Africa Gymnastics
Brinn Bevan 112 England Gymnastics
Kiera Brennan 228 Wales Gymnastics
Tyson Bull 101 Australia Gymnastics
Abi Caig 207 England Gymnastics
Jamie Carpenter 118 Scotland Gymnastics
Kirsty Rosalind Caruana 213 Malta Gymnastics
Zachary Clay 104 Canada Gymnastics
Dominick Cunningham 110 England Gymnastics
Emily Rose Dale-Beeton 210 Isle of Man Gymnastics
Liam Davie 119 Scotland Gymnastics
Alex Eade 201 Australia Gymnastics
Charlie Fellows 208 England Gymnastics
Brandon Garrett 113 Isle of Man Gymnastics
Samantha-Lee Gibbons 215 Namibia Gymnastics
Curtis Graves 105 Canada Gymnastics
Lauren Hill 205 Cayman Islands Gymnastics
Rebecca Johnson 211 Isle of Man Gymnastics
Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie 121 Singapore Gymnastics
Tay Kai Cheng Timothy 122 Singapore Gymnastics
Cara Kennedy 224 Scotland Gymnastics
Kaitlin Kneen 212 Isle of Man Gymnastics
Michalis Krasias 107 Cyprus Gymnastics
Maddi Leydin 202 Australia Gymnastics
Sydney Mason 204 Bermuda Gymnastics
Nicole Mawhinney 220 Northern Ireland Gymnastics
Reid McGowan 116 New Zealand Gymnastics
India McPeak 221 Northern Ireland Gymnastics
Rebecca Morrison 217 New Zealand Gymnastics
Emma Nedov 203 Australia Gymnastics
Jack Neill 117 Northern Ireland Gymnastics
Kal Nemier 106 Canada Gymnastics
Harry Owen 125 Wales Gymnastics
Xenios Papaevripidou 109 Cyprus Gymnastics
Anand Patel 114 Isle of Man Gymnastics
Thimasha Devindi Pathirage 227 Sri Lanka Gymnastics
Gajitha Chandramal Paththapperuma 124 Sri Lanka Gymnastics
Kent Pieterse 102 Australia Gymnastics
Brittany Robertson 218 New Zealand Gymnastics
Angel Romaeo 229 Wales Gymnastics
Douglas Ross 120 Scotland Gymnastics
Robert Sansby 126 Wales Gymnastics
Carly Smith 225 Scotland Gymnastics
Christos Soleas 108 Cyprus Gymnastics
Declan Stacey 103 Australia Gymnastics
Sarah Strawbridge 222 Northern Ireland Gymnastics
Charlotte Sullivan 219 New Zealand Gymnastics
Raer Theaker 230 Wales Gymnastics
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