Isle of Man 2011 - Commonwealth Youth Games

Medal Table

England 372416
Australia 292817
South Africa 8715
New Zealand 668
Wales 51110
Scotland 5611
Kenya 442
Malaysia 421
India 333
Northern Ireland 323

The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

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Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Gold & Silver

Sun 11 Sep - 20:51.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Bronze Medal Match

Sun 11 Sep - 20:18.25

Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 20:05.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Plate

Sun 11 Sep - 19:56.31

Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 19:46.26

Light Heavyweight Men

Sun 11 Sep - 19:44.25

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Bowl

Sun 11 Sep - 19:35.58

Men's 50m Freestyle

Sun 11 Sep - 19:27.59

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Australia All Sports
CompetitorNumberCountryCompeting In
Brandon Allan Australia Boxing
Jess Allen 15 Australia Cycling
Naa Anang 254 Australia Athletics
Nat Apikotoa 255 Australia Athletics
Jack Bangel 6 Australia Athletics
Jack Beckinsale 40 Australia Cycling
Alexandra Bulic 256 Australia Athletics
Tyson Bull 101 Australia Gymnastics
Luke Cann 7 Australia Athletics
Matthew Chau Australia Badminton
Hu-Wen Chew Australia Badminton
Cameron Clark Australia Rugby 7's
Josh Clarke 8 Australia Athletics
Jacob Cocks 9 Australia Athletics
Anthony Collins 10 Australia Athletics
Dylan Cooney Australia Boxing
Kurtis Cooper Australia Boxing
Mitchell Cooper 11 Australia Athletics
Jack Curran 12 Australia Athletics
Abbey De La Motte 257 Australia Athletics
Lochy Duncan Australia Rugby 7's
Alex Eade 201 Australia Gymnastics
Jack Edwards 13 Australia Athletics
Caleb Ewan 41 Australia Cycling
Remy Fairweather Australia Swimming
George Freeman 14 Australia Athletics
Margaret Gayen 258 Australia Athletics
Mikki Genge 259 Australia Athletics
Robert Gerlach Australia Swimming
Angus Gould 15 Australia Athletics
Alex Graham Australia Swimming
Jake Grevsmuhl 16 Australia Athletics
Jacqueline Guan Australia Badminton
Clinton Gutherson Australia Rugby 7's
Dylan Hardy Australia Boxing
Timas Harik 17 Australia Athletics
Adelaide Hart Australia Swimming
Tom Henry 18 Australia Athletics
Lewis Holland Australia Rugby 7's
Darren Howard 19 Australia Athletics
Eddie Hung Australia Badminton
Rochelle Kennedy 260 Australia Athletics
Daniel Lewis Australia Boxing
Maddi Leydin 202 Australia Gymnastics
Sophie Linn 261 Australia Athletics
Vinning Mak Australia Badminton
Kyle Martin-Alcaide 20 Australia Athletics
Ami Matsuo Australia Swimming
Te Haumi Maxwell Australia Swimming
Robert McCarthy 42 Australia Cycling
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