Isle of Man 2011 - Commonwealth Youth Games

Medal Table

England 372416
Australia 292817
South Africa 8715
New Zealand 668
Wales 51110
Scotland 5611
Kenya 442
Malaysia 421
India 333
Northern Ireland 323

The Isle of Man 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.


For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

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Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Gold & Silver

Sun 11 Sep - 20:51.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Bronze Medal Match

Sun 11 Sep - 20:18.25

Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 20:05.12

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Plate

Sun 11 Sep - 19:56.31

Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Sun 11 Sep - 19:46.26

Light Heavyweight Men

Sun 11 Sep - 19:44.25

Rugby 7's
Rugby 7's Men
Grand Final Bowl

Sun 11 Sep - 19:35.58

Men's 50m Freestyle

Sun 11 Sep - 19:27.59

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England All Sports
CompetitorNumberCountryCompeting In
Jack Arnott England Rugby 7's
Dina Asher-Smith 300 England Athletics
Qais Ashfaq England Boxing
Clovis Asong 49 England Athletics
Hannah Barnes 12 England Cycling
Jack Bateson England Boxing
Brinn Bevan 112 England Gymnastics
Callum Brown 50 England Athletics
Sophie Brown England Badminton
Joe Buckle England Rugby 7's
George Caddick 51 England Athletics
Abi Caig 207 England Gymnastics
Melako Coker England Swimming
Dominick Cunningham 110 England Gymnastics
Jon Dibben 49 England Cycling
Phoebe Dowson 301 England Athletics
Robbie Farnham-Rose 52 England Athletics
Charlie Fellows 208 England Gymnastics
Lucy Garner 13 England Cycling
David Godridge England Swimming
Emelia Gorecka 302 England Athletics
Will Gurton 53 England Athletics
Michael Hartley 54 England Athletics
Georgia Hohmann England Swimming
Matthew Holmes 47 England Cycling
Louisa James 303 England Athletics
Mark Jennings England Rugby 7's
Matthew Johnson England Swimming
Damon Jones England Boxing
Sam Jones England Rugby 7's
Tom Jubb England Rugby 7's
Rachael Kelly England Swimming
Zach Kibirige England Rugby 7's
Shauna Lee England Swimming
Phoebe Lenderyou England Swimming
James Lightfoot Brown England Rugby 7's
Sam Lowe 48 England Cycling
Sam Maguire 55 England Athletics
Jack Massey England Boxing
Ryan McCarthy England Badminton
Sophie McKinna 304 England Athletics
Hayley McLean 305 England Athletics
James McMurray 56 England Athletics
Yasmin Miller 306 England Athletics
Robert Needham 57 England Athletics
Harriet Owen 14 England Cycling
Michael Painter 58 England Athletics
Sophie Papps 307 England Athletics
Jacob Paul 59 England Athletics
Leon Reid 60 England Athletics
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